New vision, new glasses

Life is crazy hectic the last week. AH has appointments every week, I have been ill and in every spare moment I’m working hard to keep up with my Coursera classes. It’s been too long since I have had my eyes examined so yesterday, I made time to get that done. 

Place suspenseful music here…

It wasn’t the best news. My eyes are healthy.


The doctor had to break the news to me…I have two different prescriptions for my eyes. 

In other words…it’s Bifocal Time for ばあちゃん ゆうき!!Even though I’m not a grandma, everyone can now call me Granny Yūki!

Honestly though, it’s not so bad. It’s not really a change. But some people get upset. It doesn’t matter if we get older as long as we have gained wisdom along the way, right? 

I will have to wait for my glasses, I’ll get them in about a week. I decided not to get bifocals right away, I will have two pairs of glasses, one for reading and one for distance. We will see how that goes! 


2 thoughts on “New vision, new glasses

  1. I don’t think getting bifocal glasses will make you a granny, Yuki!
    Besides, there are lots of cool frames available nowadays. Maybe you can turn it as something fun, like a fashion kind of thing? 😀

  2. Ha ha, wonderful advice, Hari!! It is funny you said that because when I went to pick out glasses, what I bought was a totally new style for me and I even tried a colour. So your advice was very good 😀 Before I wore wire glasses and now I will be getting pretty purple frames. Of course, I wonder…should I buy new clothes to go with my glasses? 😛

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragements to see the best in everything, Hari!

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