Is this me?

In doing an assignment, I’m asked to describe myself. I have an idea of what is expected of me. But I wonder why we don’t say who we really feel we are or who we’ve been led to believe we are.  Do I say I’m wounded? Imperfect? Remembering who I was meant to be? But I don’t say I’m amazing or unique or fascinating either even though I do believe that every human is incredible and has a story worth hearing.

What I usually reply is something like this:

Asian-American, mom, wife, vegan, Sociologist, Community & Educational Liaison.

But that sounds so boring. And I’m so full of rainbows, sparkles and *tings* that it’s hard to keep myself to the rules.

If I were to be more honest…

The world’s happiest mom

Hippie…feminist…peacebringer…”animal mom”

Japanese + Turkish + Spanish


whole-hearted vegan

life-learner…unschooler…knowledge seeker

music lover

believer that we are the things we have in common rather than how different we may seem

champion to underdogs



poor at maths! but working to not be!

Japanese and Taiwanese drama fan

love to play with and create beautiful and tasty meals

awed by the beauty in the world and people around me

love to laugh and smile

addicted to reading

enchanted by Bollywood films

Not a bad start…maybe I’ll find a way to fit some of that in my next assignment.


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