I love Coursera. One day I woke up and realised I had it all wrong. I had forgotten the truths and had lived believing things that were just illusions. I forgot I had strength and power. I forgot that love comes from within me instead of being bestowed upon me. I forgot the most important truths I had been taught. Noble Truths. Sensible Paths. And I realised I had become a sad person who had lost spirit.

So I decided it was time to change that. Among the changes I started to make, I also went to a site called Coursera that offers free university-level courses to everyone around the world. Sounded interesting. I love to learn. And I’d been feeling rather…less than intelligent. Could I learn some things to improve my life? I signed up.

And passed my first course. Okay, this is good! Now for a challenge…I’ll sign up for a course in something I’m not so good in so I can challenge myself.

So I signed up for science. And I passed that too.

I signed up for a variety of courses and enjoyed them all. I learned so much and felt that I wasn’t letting my brain rot anymore. I even made some new friends. How cool is that?

It can be easy to forget that change is up to us. I was unhappy because I started to believe illusions. I forgot that the challenges I was facing could make me stronger, but instead I let them cripple me. The choice was up to me. Today the choice is up to me.

Who knew that something so small as taking a class could help me regain my focus?

I’m still taking courses and challenging myself. I’m taking classes in fascinating things like Greek History and Economics and Human Physiology. It’s never too late to keep learning new things or to challenge yourself!


2 thoughts on “Coursera

  1. Woah, you love learning, don’t you? I admire people who keep learning new things, whatever the media of learning are. My friends once challenged me to learn knitting online. I did it and now I got a shawl-tie in my wardrobe, knitted by myself! 😀

  2. 😀 How cool is it to learn new skills? Did you find it difficult to learn to knit? I learnt when I was a girl but didn’t continue with it regularly. Your friends seem like good people to keep you challenging yourself. Maybe one day you will post a picture of your Work of Art? (or maybe I have missed it…)
    I also admire people who challenge themselves to learn ~ they remind and encourage me to say “yes” to new things more than to say “no”. I hope to become very flexible in my thoughts so that whenever the path changes on me I can learn the skills I need to follow the new path.
    Hari, thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read my thoughts.

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